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Battle Tabs - Armies

15. 01. 24
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Maverick Hunters

The Maverick Hunters are the primary army in which the protagonists of the Mega Man universe reside. As stated in the story articles for each set of the battle tabs game, this game is based within an alternate dimension of the Mega Man universe where Mega Man and Mega Man X exist at the same time. The Maverick Hunter army focuses on strong, well rounded units. They have very few units that are cheap in point value and almost all hunter units have at least 16 - 18 defense. The aesthetics of the Maverick Hunter army mainly consist of the different forms that Mega Man X and Zero take during their adventures within each game.

Ultimate X

Black Zero


Maverick Soul Erasers

The Maverick Soul Erasers get their name from the Mega Man Xtreme series of video games on the Game Boy Advance. This army consists of characters that were stage bosses from Mega Man X and X2. Sigma, the notable big villain of the X series also appears taking on several of his well-known forms with this army. We took liberties of our own with this faction and added an original character named Vega, who happened to be Sigma’s son. I recently was able to find his artwork and added it to the UCG. Vega was one of the three Maverick Soul Eraser generals along with Gareth and Barkana. The Soul Eraser army focused on in expensive units that are granted additional abilities from their generals. They were in turn one of the most powerful armies in the game due to the wide range of utility from their assortment of units and uniques.

Maverick Hunter

Barkana, Soul Eraser

Gareth, Soul Eraser

Doppler Force

Doppler Force was an army I admit, did not need to be on its own. The main issue with making one Mega Man X game's characters an army in this game is it becomes limited on unit count. Until Battle Tabs Dominion came into existence, Doppler Force had about ten units in comparison to other armies having easily up to the mid-twenties in unit options. Although limited, the Doppler Force was one of the most powerful armies in the game. The army's early game melee units were weak, but held the line so you could focus on the army's main strength, charged attacks. Charged attacks from Doppler Force ranged units were some of the most power in the game next to the Soul Erasers. Dr. Doppler and his powerful Sigma bodies were very opposing forces and their main siege battery the Godkline were well worth their high point values just for their 12 to 24 inch ranged attacks when charged.

Godkaline Machine

Doppler's Sigma Spawn

Doppler Clone


The Repliforce was one of the more advanced armies in the battle tabs game. They had a great balance between ranged and melee capability. Several cards within the army were cheaper hybrid units where members of the Maverick Hunters were more expensive versions of Repliforce units. Several members of this army focused on the debilitating of enemy forces by either limiting the capability of charged shots, or by making units unable to deal damage in general. The Repliforce was one of the four armies to appear in the first set, along with the Maverick Hunters, The Soul Erasers, and the Doppler Force. Repliforce received a balance buff in the Battle Tabs - Dominion set along with several other armies from Mega Man X and Rivals. The average Repliforce unit would cost a player 25-35 points in value. Several of the units had the elemental abilities along with speed abilities such as winged and fast.




Gate Squadron

Gate Squadron made its debut in the second set of Battle Tabs, Rivals. This army was a fan favorite for it focused on very cheaply priced melee units that were more armored than others. A Gate Squadron unit pinned up against a unit of equal point value from any other army could easily hold its own. While lacking the damage output of the Maverick Hunter army, the Gate Squadron saw the light of day with many matches thanks to powerful Unique units and specialized play style. Almost all the Gate Squadron units had 16 defense, but had very low attack values. Attack values for the average unit ranged from about 8-10 points of value and almost always dealt one damage on a successful attack.

Gate the Corrupted

High Max

Nightmare Zero

Wily Squad

This was one of the worse armies in the game unfortunately. There is often a trend with new/young game designers to pick favorites amongst their factions and I was very guilty of this mentality. The Wily Squad was the big bad in the Battle Tabs - Rivals set of cards which focused on the classic mega man universe. I had never played a majority of these games and thus had to no clue what to make Wily Squad robots do in battle. The army in turn is filled with filler cards where some are almost identical in ability or so similar with another having a much smaller point value. I had all the plans in Dominion to fully fix all the armies from Rivals, but only ever got around to fixing Gate Squadron.

Dr. Wily


Proto Man

King's Legion

The King's Legion army was another faction in the game that just lacked members. Based off of the game Mega Man and Bass, this was another army that just had no real purpose and could have easily been higher tier if it was part of another army in the game. The King's Legion army focused on special abilities. Their special abilities did not necessarily do damage, but affected how the units would move and/or how they would react to attacks. Many of the units needed to charge to use these abilities and did not handle well one on one versus other factions. Their general King however made the army worth playing as he made his entire squad immune to ranged attacks to allow his army of minute damage dealers to get within range for their attacks.


Pirate Man

Dynamo Man

Cossack's Irregulars

Cossack's Irregulars was the main reason why we rolled out the Dominion set back in the day. This army was broken with the ability to share abilities within a squad. Nowhere did we mention that the abilities did not stack, and this created an overpowered mega squad of units with every keyword ability under the sun. We made emergency erratas to the army after one tournament because who seriously playtests their stuff right? After the much needed nerf the army was just mediocre and thus a new set of Battle Tabs was needed to rebirth the game and make it fun for all armies again. Before the nerf, the Cossack's Irregulars had a 100% winning streak.

Dr. Cossack


Knight Man

Dominion Mercenaries

The Dominion Mercenaries was one of the more unique armies in the game. This army deviated from the standard armies in the act that all of the mercenary units can join the squad of any other army in the game. The Dominion Mercenaries were the first unique army that we made for the game that was not already a pre-defined army in the Mega Man universe. Also, the army was comprised of quasi-powerful unique units that had two keyword abilities. This was special for the mercenary army as most unique units had to spend one of their keywords on the mere fact they were unique. This in turn caused many unique units to be vastly inferior to high priced standard infantry units especially those with powerful ranged attacks.

Omega Primus



X Regiment

The X Regiment was only the original Mega Man army in the beginning of the Battle Tabs Dominion set. This army contained the boss enemies from the Mega Man Zero franchise and the specialization of this army was melee power. Where the Gate Squadron focused on tanking and all had very high armor classes, the X Regiment was all offense. Almost each unit hit really hard and could easily shrug off ranged attacks with their passive abilities. The X Regiment could easily have been the best army in the game especially after the nerf to the Kossack's Irregulars. This army had a wide range of generals and their leader Omega X was definitely worth having during any match with his whopping 20 attack points.

Omega X

Omage Soul


Kult of Chaos

The Kult of Chaos one was of the three unique armies that Jeff and Brian added to the Battle Tabs universe. This is what the game should have been about and these characters and armies will soon appear in a future project. The Kult of Chaos was the new Maverick Hunter army since the Hunters were only in the original Mega Man X set. This army had almost identical capabilities and strengths. It focused on powerful, heavily armored units that were on the more expensive side of the spectrum. The army utilized the new Solitary keyword ability where the unit cannot be part of a squad and must act on its own. Another unique feature the army received was power by controlling avatars of steel to gain damage and/or abilities. Although interesting this army was mid-tier at best as the Maverick Hunters were the true power house army of the game and the main characters of the Mega Man universe.

Harkonnen Devastator

Valger the XVI

Chaos Legionnaire

Planar Templar

The Planar Templar is the second army that was made for the Battle Tabs Dominion set for Battle Tabs. This army never really caught on with a lot of players. Most units within this army focused on elemental abilities. Another special aspect of the planar Templar were the generals, the generals in the planar Templar were easily some of the most powerful in the game. Several of them had very powerful passive abilities and overall unique attacks. Regardless on terms of power, the Planar Templar is yet another mid-tier army that offers little in terms of variety in strategy. The units that utilized the elemental properties were indeed very interesting, however the damage output of non-unique Templar units were easily outdone by other well-rounded armies.

The Great Drakz

Aleria, Grand Mistress  

Brain, Soverign Templar

Guild Omega

The Guild Omega has to quite possibly be the worst army in the game. The Guild for the most part had randomized units and no real focus. This lack of focus really debilitated their game play. Although the generals were interesting, they could never make up for the lack of speed in the guild's army. This was the main army that utilized the stealth mechanic, but sadly were very weak overall. The guild generals and higher end units often times find themselves as support for the more powerful armies in the game. If I ever make another strategy game, this army would be one of the first I would fix.

Maclain, Royal Assassin  

General Gregthor Maclain  

High Councilor Victoria

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