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Ayaka Lizzy

Age: 16

Birthday: Feb 13th

Allegiance: Cute Cadets and The Tinkerers

Ayaka Lizzy is a transfer student from another Sector City and is the best friend of Mina Holly. Lizzy was present during the creation of the first Gizmo and has gained similar abilities as her red-headed friend. Ayaka Lizzy has shown the power of Memory to several students in the Education Complex. These englighted female students are known as the Cute Cadets. She is a re-known Tinkerer and specializes in the creation and repair of various weapons. Lizzy is being apprached by several factions in the Sector City due to her knowledge of these two major factions. It would make the Sector City of Negagoth appear hostile if something were to happen to Lizzy so the higher powers will need more suddle approaches to this purple-haired beauty.

Early design for Ayaka Lizzy


Ayaka Lizzy's Emotions

Lizzy's Battle Pose