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15. 01. 11
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Battle Tabs was my first and most successful fan game I have ever made. It is based on the two d6 systems used in a lot of the former WizKids games where you roll two six sided dice against a target's armor class. After adding the attacking unit's attack score to the dice roll, you check to see if the value of the attack is greater than the targeted unit's armor class. If the attack is greater you would then have a successful attack and you would apply the damage listed on the attacking unit's skill card. This was the general gimmick of the game and there were several abilities that would modify the behavior of the units and how their attacks should be treated. Each battle tab unit can move up to six inches per turn, unless delimited by either abilities or terrain.

Mega Man X



One of the more notable mechanics of the game is how units score critical hits and/or misses. Critical hits are scored by rolling two sixes on the two dice. A critical hit for a unit allows it to strike for double the amount of damage listed for the attack. A critical miss however causes the attacking unit to deal no damage to its attack target and the unit then takes one damage. This mechanic allows players to have a chance for weaker units to take down heavy units and heavy units to fumble against weaker units.

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