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Card Critic #5 - Haunted Mine

14. 09. 10
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What is “Gold Series 5 – Haunted Mine”?

     The Gold Series for “Yu-Gi-Oh!” has always been a reprint set that contains special printed “Gold Rare” cards available exclusively in the set. These Gold Rares are reprints of very popular cards for the tournament format from the time period during the set was created. These cards go for extremely high prices compared to their paper and sometimes normal counter parts due to their unique Gold foil design compared to the standard “Yu-Gi-Oh!” silver foil design. These cards in my personal opinion look much better than any printer cards except say the Secret Rare and are just stunning to look at in your deck. I honestly go out of my way to get the Gold Rare version of cards I own just for the sheer fact they look significantly nicer that their normal versions.

     “Gold Series 5” is particular special in the fact that it contains a pack with two Gold rares but along with these two Gold rares you get a special what they call Ghost Gold Rare card as well. Ghost rares were cards that were introduced in the “Yu-GI-Oh GX Era” set “Tactical Evolution”. These cards are extremely rare than Secret Rares and I have never pulled one from a non-Gold edition pack. These cards are full 3-D holograms on the artwork and they look absolutely astonishing as the artwork is morphed to come out at you. They are indeed a sight to see. “Gold Series 5” takes these cards to a whole new level and combines this holographic foil technology to be spliced with the Gold rare foil to make a truly unique looking foil card. 

     The Ghost Gold rares actually contain color unlike the regular Ghost rare cards and these make them look much nicer than the regular Gold rare cards. These cards are available exclusively for the “Gold Series 5 Haunted Mine” set of cards and as of this article’s creation, there are no other sets containing these type of cards. There are six in total and we will talk about them in more detail later in this article. Below I will allow you to compare some of the Gold rares next to one another so you can see what I am talking about with the color difference. Ole Grapha did not scan very well and upon further inspection he just looks darker than his original. To offset this I included a picture of Caius, The Shadow Monarch just for you see what a richer looking picture would look like from the Gold series.

The Packaging, what the heck?

     So the packaging for “Gold Series 5 Haunted Mine” is absolutely hilarious. To start with, the set comes in a really cool almost foil box with nice textures to it. The box like any set of cards is always shrink wrapped with the Konami shrink wrap, however it gets even better once the box is opened. You have, wait for it, a booster pack that you need to open up in order to get the cards! This rather redundant to have a sealed pack of cards inside a nice box that is also shrink wrapped. It may sound a bit nit-picky but most sealed type boxes such as this has the cards in clear shrink wrap where you can see what you are getting. Perhaps this is why they did it, but regardless the large box just overdoes the packaging for me.

     “Gold Series 5 Haunted Mine” contain 55 cards, which is rather lacking for a “Yu-Gi-Oh” card set, but at the same time you know what you are going to get in each box. Each box contains two of the Gold Rares, One of the Ghost-Gold Rares, and the 22 commons which composes of almost all the commons in the set. Should you want to get a case of the “Gold Series 5”, the cases contain five of the boxes each containing the 25 listed cards. These as of the writing of the article retail for approximately $15 dollars. This is a really decent price should you want to get some of the Ghost/Gold Rares which we will be going into detail in the next section. To sum it all up, it’s a great set with really silly packaging!

The Ghost Gold Rare Top 5!

     Now the part you have all been waiting for, let’s talk about the key cards for this set the Ghost Gold Rares! We will be going over each in full detail and ranking them from one to six based on how good they would be a general deck and its overall usefulness in general.

Note: All Images for this article are from the “Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia”, they can be found here!

Solemn Judgment

     This card is a by far the best Ghost Gold Rare you can get in the set. This cards is worth about seven American dollars, which is not a massive amount and for how great the card looks is well worth the price tag. One major thing you may notice is that this is about half the price of a sealed “Gold Series 5” box. This card is the best on here because it allows you to completely negate any cards played by an opponent at the cost of half your life. With the speed of many decks lately in the game this is a very much desired evil to have in your deck. This card easily before it was reprinted went for about 30-50 dollars which was quite hefty. If you were a Card Critic fan, you may have noticed that it got reprinted in the deck “Lost Sanctuary” which was the first starter deck to include one of these for you to grab in a common paper form.

Gorz, Emissary of Darkness

     This is quite possibly one of the best Monster cards in the game, especially with the usage of the new XYZ monsters. When I saw this card on the front of the “Dark Legends” box I was amazed at how GREAT the card was. This card allows you, whenever you take any damage to get Gorz out along with his clone that has ATK equal to the amount of damage the little butthole monster that smacked you for. Even if the amount of damage is negligible, the token would be small but can still be used to Synchro or XYZ summon from the side deck. Gorz is extremely strong in almost any deck that would utilize even the slightest amount of monsters. Since the gentleman can still be killed by “Bottomless Trap Holes” and “Torrential Tributes”, he ranks second next to the card that counter him along with many of the cards that could kill him as well. I picked one up from the local card shop for only six bucks, which was a great deal.

Herald of Perfection

     “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Is a very Creature/Character/Monster based game based on whichever game is your favorite. This is quite possibly the best Ritual Monster in game. In case you are not familiar with Ritual Monsters, these cards require a spell card to be played that would allow you to play the card along with Tributing or discarding monster cards equal to the Ritual Monster’s level. These cards are quite underpowered as you would need to have A: The Ritual Monster in your Hand. B: The Ritual Spell in your hand. Then C: The required level of Monsters in your hand and/or in play. As you can see this is not quite as popular as the new Synchro and XYZ Monsters. This one however is quite deadly as you can discard a Fairy type monster from your hand to negate the activation or playing of a card! This is so powerful, but sadly only scores third as it is a ritual monster that is quite difficult to get into play.

Mystical Space Typhoon

     “Mystical Space Typhoon” was a card that took its time to get back to being unlimited from the game. It is rather silly that they would limit a card such as say “Disenchant” from “Magic the Gathering”. If you are familiar with that card, it is reprinted in almost every set. This card only ranks fourth of the list because guess what? It was reprinted in almost every structure deck in the game. It is almost impossible to not get ahold of three of these should you need them. But one must ask, would you want to play three of them in your deck? Probably not, that is why the one you play need to be a Ghost Gold rare one! This card is a quick spell which makes it quite difficult to stop and then will destroy any spell or trap card on the field. It is indeed quite nice to use in any deck as it will remove that pesky “Swords of Revealing Light” or “Level Limit – Area B”.

Naturia Barkion

     “Naturia Barkion” is one of the better Ghost Gold rares you can get in the set, however he is going to be ranking fifth on our top six list as he only really works well with Earth decks. This is quite annoying that they did not pick something like “Armory Arm” or “Stardust Dragon” to be the Ghost Gold rare for the set representing Synchro monsters as this card is so limiting. The card is extremely powerful as it can negate the activation of a trap card by removing two Monster cards in your graveyard from the game. This card is quite powerful, but again is quite a letdown that you only get to use it in Earth decks and is not quite as good as the “Herald of Perfection”.

Blue Eyes White Dragon

     This is one of my most favorite cards in the game, and yet I am ranking it as the worse of all the Ghost Gold rares. Why Card Critic do you rank one of your favorite cards so low, so low that it is last? Well, to start off with Blue Eyes White Dragon DOES NOT DO ANYTHING! Also, you can get stuff like Gorz or even a “Solumn Judgement”! Why would you want to get a card that does nothing, is quite old, and just got reprinted in one of the structure decks recently? The artwork is quite nice, from “Kaiba the Revenge” which is a quite rubbish PC game that included some nice specially printed rare cards such as old Blue Eyes. I got one online for about five dollars and I plan to use it in my normal monster/Photon deck. Other than that, it has 3000 attack and to my recollection is still the strongest normal monster in the game. Not so bad to get, but compared to what you could of got could lead to some disappointment.


     In conclusion, “Gold Series 5” is quite a nice find. It has many nice rare cards and it a great start for any player new and old to game. If you desire a new look for your favorite cards or have about fifty different deck ideas such as myself you can have some fun getting this set. If you do not desire to buy cards randomly from packs, many of these cards are quite cheap to get as it would seem not everyone cares got get super cool holographic version of their favorite cards. Hey, more for you right? The set gets the Card Critic Seal of Approval and I sure hope you enjoyed the video. It has been about a year since we have done a Card Critic and it is good to be back!