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Card Critic # 7 - Joey's World

14. 09. 11
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What is Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World?

Legendary Collection Number 4 Joey’s World is a reprint set for the famous “Yu-Gi-Oh!” character Joey Wheeler, which some of you may know as the best friend of our beloved Yugi Moto. This dude plays, in my honest opinion, some of the worst cards in the game. That is not the point because as in this set they added in cards from his rival, Mai Valentine! The last set released under the title “Legendary Collection” (as was “Yugi’s World” which was absolutely amazing). I am going to admit, I am going into this review with a high standard. After all the last “Legendary Collection” gave me foil copies of several tournament staple cards and foil copies of all my existing Gravekeeper cards in my favorite deck.

To get back to “Joey’s World”, this set focuses overall on Harpie Lady cards that were played by Mai Valentine. Several Red Eyes Black Dragon based cards including the ones that were Shonen Jump promos or were only in the first two starter decks ever made the “Dragon’s Roar”. These additions are great as each of these two tribes are very popular and well known in the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” trading card game, and it is about time they get some love. Yeah I am looking at you Blue Eyes White Dragon, why do you get all the love? You have Saga of the Blue Eyes White Dragon and then in December we are going to get the new Starter Deck: “Kaiba Reloaded”. Oh and I guess I should mention it now, they reprinted many of the Dinosaurs. After all we need our pretty secret rare dinos that just get eaten two seconds later by an XYZ. It is all about Style everyone, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” players like foils cards, don’t deny it!

Foil Copies of Tournament Staple Cards!

This by far is one of the most important aspects for any “Yu-Gi-Oh!” junkie such as myself. You are going through your deck and you are admiring how awesome it is and then you see it. That paper structure deck Dark Hole, the sadness engulfs you. Why do all the other cards have to look so cool and get re-printed but never Dark Hole, Foolish Burial, and Mystical Space Typhoon? Well fear not, they took this is great consideration as many upon many of the tournament staples have been reprinted in glorious super to secret rare glory. Foolish Burial is one of the biggest ones for me as this card was always in a paper form in structure decks and when you are a foil junkie such as me this makes you mad. You need that Foolish Burial to get that Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Gravekeeper’s Visionary, and AHEM Blue Eyes White Dragon in the graveyard sometimes. Guh, it is upsetting that is took this long to get a foil Foolish Burial, but at the same time our collection of the limited cards in the game should be pretty as possible as you only need to worry about one copy in your deck(s) anyways!

To continue the list of cards that I love that they reprinted, there is Dark Hole. I have always wanted a foil one of these, and if I don’t pull one from a pack I will just get one from an online vendor. This card has not be printed with a foil version since “Gold Series 5 Haunted Mine”, but let’s slow down for a moment. This card took until then to get reprinted? So based on this just like Foolish Burial we had to deal with the stupid paper versions form the structure decks in our decks! As I stated prior that the set is full of tournament staples and one group that seems to be getting love lately is the Zombies. These dudes literally got all their keycards reprinted in both “Legendary Collection 3” and also in “Joey’s World”. These cards include Spirit Reaper and Pyramid Turtle to name a few, oh and of course we have the Dinosaurs again. Rabbit Food never tasted so good!

The Zombies also as I mentioned before has been receiving a good bit of love from Developers. This love can be especially shown with the reprinted of Zombie World as an Ultra Rare. This card is another one of those cards that came out in a Structure deck and was really good, but nobody ever decided to print a foil version of it to commend its power. To Zombie World’s defense, this was back when they only gave you one foil card in your structure deck. I am sure the Paladin of the Cursed Dragon, Zombie Master, and Zombie World all would of got foil version in the deck if Corporate would of allowed it. Zombies will always be one of those decks that will always need to be in check, but to be quite honest with some of the stuff they allow players to play and with Gravekeeper so popular, I really would not worry about Zombies getting out of hand let the players enjoy their good decks!

All the love for the Harpie Ladies!

There is a structure deck that came out several years ago called the “Lord of Storm” and it was horrible! Within as a side option were the Harpie Lady cards, which are some of the most memorable cards in the game. Mai Valentine is a rival of Joey Wheeler and she always lost! How could she lose with these great cards? They have so much support now especially since they reprinted or just flat out gave us our first printed version of many of their support cards. We recently got the Harpie Channeler in “Lord of Tachyon Galaxy”. We get every almost every one of their basic versions in a foil form in this set as super rares. You can enjoy pretending to be Mai Valentine (and not losing) with these really good wind based cards.

Three of the best cards that finally received a printing here in the Trading Card Game version of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Are Harpie Dancer, Harpie Phoenix Formation, and Harpie’s Pet Dragon. The Harpie Lady Phoenix formation is one of the main cards that you get for buying the “Joey’s World” boxes along with the Blue Flame Swordsman. This card is especially powerful with cards such as the Channeler and the Dancer because you can very quickly flood the field with Harpie cards and then activate this to not only wipe out all their monsters, but to also inflict damage equal to the highest attack among them. It does however have the drawback of not allowing you to special summon or conduct your battle phase so you need to make sure that this card is the only one you activate during the turn before you special summon. This card has never received a print and it holds a high standard as this is one of the cards you are guaranteed when you buy a retail version of “Joey’s World”.

Another Harpie card that we have never seen a copy of over on this side of the planet is the Harpie’s Pet Dragon. This card is obviously meant to combo with the Harpie Channeler and works well with it as well as it would gain 300 attack for each of the Harpie Lady cards you have on the field. Along with the Channeler you can get out a very powerful XYZ monster such as Number 11: Big Eye or Mecha Phantom Beast Draccosack. It is quite surprising that this card never got a print over here especially since overall it is quite rubbish without the Channeler. At the same time it is a great time for us to get it since we can now fully utilize the Harpie Lady tribe of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. The world may be telling me either screw you or to play a Harpie Lady deck as I already got two copies of this card. I'm not sure if it is a blessing or a curse.

The last card on this list is the Harpie Dancer, this card is absolutely amazing especially when used with Harpie Queen and/or Harpie’s Hunting Ground. This card can return one of your existing wind monsters to your hand to normal summon one in your hand. This can be used with two Dancers to make a never ending cycle per turn where you can destroy one spell or trap card. You can only use this ability once per turn as to prevent infinite loops. This card is especially strong as it will allow you to play large Wind based cards such as the mentioned Harpie’s Pet Dragon. I briefly mentioned the Harpie Queen and this card really needs to get a note as it has not received a re-print since Force of the Breaker which I remember being many years ago. These cards make me very happy to see get some glory, but not as much as…

MORE Foil Gravekeeper Cards!

In the last “Legendary Collection Yugi’s World” we were to my delight given Ultra Rare foil version of all the key Gravekeeper’s cards for the use in our decks. I viewed many videos online on how to play and win with the Gravekeeper’s cards and one thing I always noticed they all had these Ultra Rare beauties in their deck. There is nothing classier than winning with style in “Yu-Gi-Oh!” And these reprint sets really do help players flesh out their foil collections of their favorite cards. The Harpies got the love this set in “Joey’s World” but that does not mean the love is over for us Gravekeeper’s players. This time we get the last few pieces of the Marick Isthar’s arsenal of anti-meta cards.

The first reprint I really wanted to talk to you about was the reprint of the Gravekeeper’s Visionary. This card although not super powerful for a deck such as a Gravekeeper’s deck due to the fact that these guys need to focus of exploiting the abilities of the Gravekeeper’s Descendant. However, it is super and I mean super fun getting a Gravekeeper’s visionary to like say a 4900 in a tag duel with a control based Gravekeeper’s deck. Yes, this card is amazing when played in tag duels as these games often drag on much longer than a regular game and you are going to need a large beat stick, such as this guy, to be able to hold up to some of the new XYZ monsters in the game now a days.

One major thing to note about the Gravekeeper’s that got reprinted in this set, these are mainly the ones that were added into the arsenal from the set “Absolute Powerforce” so these guys never got a reprint for some time. One thing that is a bit upsetting is that Visionary and the second card I want to talk about the Gravekeeper’s Priestess did not get foil reprints. This is a tad upsetting but at the same time, this was not what “Joey’s World” was having its focus on. It is focused on the characters that interacted with Joey Wheeler. The additional Gravekeeper’s cards were added in to keep foil hogs like myself buying new cards as the last card I wanted to talk about Gravekeeper’s Steele DID get a foil version. A wonder Ultra Rare version of the card in fact and this make me very happy as this is one of their most powerful spells in the game. Oh and as an added bonus, we got another foil version of the Gravekeeper’s Spy as a Secret rare, but I honestly find the Gold Rare versions much cooler.


“Dark World” is a deck that can beat my butt at this game. I play Gravekeeper’s cards and this is quite possibly one of my worse matchups! So what do I do to fight off these evil monsters? Well I am going to make my own deck of course, as the best way to learn to beat something is to build and play it yourself. “Know thy enemy” they say. Well this set will definitely provide you will cool Secret and Ultra Rare versions of your favorite “Dark World” cards, and we are going to go over a few that have not been seen for several sets now. Yes, the “Dark World” members got their own starter deck and with this they got their greatest weapon, Grapha, the Dragon Lord of Dark World. This monster is so powerful and can single-handedly beat my decks over and over again.

So what other cards besides Grapha, the card that I received two Gold Rare copies of on my “Gold Collection 5 Haunted Mine” review? Well, here is a good one the “Dark World” field spell The Gates of Dark World, this was another one of the new cards added from the Dark World Structure Deck “Gates of Dark World.” This card is extremely powerful, but unfortunately never got a foil version upon release. It was reprinted in an astral pack, but like many of these packs they were hard to come by and not available to those that did not play in tournament. This card was reprinted in a glorious Ultra Rare version that will allow your fiend type monsters to be more powerful in style. These sets make me excited I admit it, even though I have several of the cards I talk about already, just having a foil version makes it all the cooler.

Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World and Sillva, Warlord of Dark World are the main powerhouses that define the Dark World deck along with their Dragon Lord Grapha. These two cards were already printed initially as rares with Ultimate version of each from their respective sets. However, this was several years ago and the new “Gates to Dark World” structure deck did not have these cards as foils. So if the players needed/wanted foil versions of these cards they were pulling from an ever depleting supply from a set that was long out of print. These new versions are each secret rares, and boy do they look cool. I pulled a few from my first few packs and look forwards to special summoning them with my Fabled Raven and one of the next cards I am going to talk about…

The Dark World spells, yes I already spoke of the field spell for this tribe and all of its glory. However, the other “Dark World” spells received a reprint as well and this time they are Super or Secret Rares as well! This is extremely awesome as these cards just like Goldd and Sillva were both rares in the sets they were from and anyone who wanted their foil versions needed to buy them third party possibly at a higher price than desired. “Gateway to Dark World” received a Secret Rare reprint which is the Dark World Revive spell. Also, Dark World Dealings received a Super Rare reprint which is one of the main ways that “Dark World” players play their cards since it has the draw and discard a card effect.

The Sheep Tokens…

To better make this point, I would need to discuss the special cards that you receive with each of the “Legendary Collections”. The first one contained a copy of each of the Egyptian God cards, these were the colored ones that are not tournament legal which is not so great. However, you did get Ultra copies of all the new and much better done artworks for all of the most memorable cards in the game! These cards were Blue Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and Red Eyes Black Dragon, as you can see these cards were quite worth it! The second “Legendary Collection” has a copy of each of the Sacred Beasts in the game as the Ultra Rare promos these cards included Uria, Lord of Searing Flames, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder, and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms. These cards were the all-out badasses in the “Yu-Gi-Oh! GX” era of the game’s history. They also gave you several cards that helped with the Elemental Hero tribe and again these cards were all worth getting the “Legendary Collection” to receive! Last but not least was the “Legendary Collection 3” which gave you the Dark Necrofear, Guardian Eatos, The Seal of Orichalcos, and The Five-Headed Dragon! These cards were extremely awesome to get, I really like the older collections as you can see. And now to “Joey’s World”.

So let me get this straight, I go from having the Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, and each major character’s key card to having SHEEP TOKENS! Oh man, I am so blessed to have six different sheep tokens. I really don’t know what I’d do without some tokens for my Stray Lambs and Scapegoat spell. Wait I know, why not give us some cards that are actually good to use in our decks?! Why do we need SIX different sheep tokens? I would think at least five would work so that would be one different one in each monster zone, but six? Why developers? WHY?! This is so dumb, if I was not such a sucker for foil cards there would be barely anything in this set worth getting considering it is a reprint set and I already have three copies of all the structure decks! Guh, yes you get Blue Flame Swordsman, but his use in scope to the warrior tribe is so limited and feels he was only made the Battlin’ Boxer aka what I call the jock tribe. This is considering all he can revive are Fire based warrior cards. These promos are just bad. I'd rather have cool copies of Blue Eyes White Dragon and Red Eyes Black Dragon from the anniversary packs at least these had original art and have not been reprinted since.


This is one of the greatest upsets of this set of cards, why on earth would we want a bunch of cards that don’t do anything!? Yes, I know many of the cards back in the day and on the anime did not do anything and there was a limited pool of cards. However, there were also several cards that actually did something and these are the cards that people played. That was the appeal of the anime, it showed off all the different cards in the game and the players were characters that had their preferred cards. It was not about the tournament Meta and the high end deck that real card gamers give a junk about, but playing the cards they felt represented them. That is not how human beings play cards games however. We enjoy playing cards that are powerful and work together sort of like how a deck would work.

“Joey’s World” has about forty normal monsters and I would argue that only about three of these monsters are even worth having in your deck. Two of them are Secret Rare versions of the dinosaur cards now used on the super nerfed Dino-Rabbit deck. These two cards were the 1900 attack Sabersaurus and 1700 Kabazauls. These two cards were reprinted in wonderful Secret Rare beauty, but for what? A deck that can only run one copy of the card that these two cards can exploit? What the heck is the point of giving us special versions of both of these monsters when we can only play ONE rescue rabbit? I would easily argue that the only one worth reprinting was the Sabersaurus as he at least has 1900 attack for the tribe. This card has never had a foil version so this is actually quite neato for the Dinosaur tribe.


This is going to sound extremely cliché for me to say as any angry reviewer, but I must do it. WHAT WERE THEY SMOKING WHEN THEY DECIDED TO DO THIS? I mean really, it is so stupid to have flavor text that sounds just as ridiculous as the dialogue from the anime listed on the card. I mean what were they thinking? This has to quite possibly be one of the worst ideas I could have heard let alone actually be holding one of the cards in my hand to read it. So the set has several cards advertised as having their first time prints in the Trading Card Game(TCG). I go “Oh boy, this sounds awesome! New cards? Let me check some of them out!” I go the internet and I see the cards named Wolf, just Wolf. Well now that is not super original, but maybe it will have a cool effect! Looks at the card type listed on the page, a Normal Monster? Things area already not looking good, so I go read the card’s flavor text and to my horror this is what I read…

“Dis alpha wolf yoozes his sense a smell ta find da enemy. 'ey, quit sniffing at my socks!” I rest my case, this is quite possibly the worst idea I have ever heard or read on a card game set.


This card is so wrong, this card is so very wrong. So get this, this card was never allowed in the Official Card Game (OCG) that the eastern players would play. Instead for some reason, the game designers made an immediate errata to the CCG forbidden list and added this card to the list. Why mess up the list, that is already quite rubbish to begin with, with this insanely broken card? This card allows you to declare a number (I don’t know how many may say five and six), and then roll a six sided die. If your number is rolled, you get to draw that many cards! If that number is not rolled, you put that many cards from the top of your deck into the graveyard! It puts cards in my graveyard?! That is horrible! Now I can special summon and exploit things that activate from it! This is such a punishment either getting a full hand of cards or a full graveyard of cards I can use to completely destroy my opponent!

So let me get this straight, this card have never been allowed in the OCG, but in the CCG we can play it? We get a special promo card with the “Joey’s World” box called Card of Last Will which activates when one of your monsters have zero attack. Once the monster has zero attack by a card effect, you can draw up to five cards in your hand. This my friends is too good even though it would require work and may not always resolve. However, if the card that has a completely random chance of either loading your graveyard OR your hand is perfectly fine! There is no drawback to this card people! This is Corporate tinkering to make MONEY! I already stated this once with “Joey’s World”; If you do not want foil reprint cards then there is nothing in it for you! If you play broken cards, it would be best to just stick with booster packs from the regular game.


In conclusion, “Joey’s World” is overall a very wonderful set for collectors of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Trading cards game. I do find that tournament players would not really want any of the cards beyond the new Harpies and of course the immensely broken Sixth Sense. Why Konami thought loading up the box with foil sheep tokens is beyond me and the fact that hardly any of the special edition cards are even useful just rubs me the wrong way. Unless you enjoy purchasing foil cards for your deck, you would definitely be better off purchasing the structure decks for each of the tribes that received the foil versions of their keycards. The Gravekeeper’s cards were all the offshoot ones that no one really plays and the “Dark World” deck literally had a print not that long after the Gravekeeper deck. With all the great things the set has to offer, it is really made for players that want foil cards. And if this is not your gig, then this set may not be for you. It only comes in the thirty dollar collector’s editions and each time you buy you will give you more useless copies of the special edition cards. I would definitely recommend just buying the individual cards to meet your needs and leave it on the shelf.