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Card Critic #11 - Sailor Moon

14. 10. 19
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This is the worst game I have ever reviewed...EVER!

What Is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is a hit anime starring initially five magical girls that fight against the evil Negaverse. The characters in the story are all reincarnations of the members of the Moon Kingdom. There is the main character Usagi Tokano (check this please) who is Sailor Moon herself. Her powers get unlocked by the magical cat Luna who sensed her dormant powers. Usagi has to be one of the most annoying characters in the show which is a shame considering her companions are all unique in some way. Sailor Moon gets the hots for her reincarnated husband Tuxedo Mask who appears randomly to help her in fights.

The Intellectual Property

Needless today the name Sailor Moon can help sell your product. Each of the girls are all very attractive and display qualities that could appeal to many types of fans both make and female. The ladies like Sailor Moon because the show focuses on the female characters and their development as Sailor Guardians for a cause that will lead to saving the world. The shows the companion ships amongst different types of females and also shows ways of coping with issues such as boys and dealing with extra responsibility beyond school work.

Males can like the show for many reasons, as you may know the Card Critic is also a male and fan of this show. Sailor Moon characters were and still possibly could be some of the first more down to earth female characters you will see as an animal fan and this of course leads to many fans adoring their favorite scout. If you are a keen follower of my work you will notice that we take a lot of influences from Sailor Moon with our character designs. The cute cadets are all based on Sailor Scouts and our main mascot is named Mina. Back on topic, males enjoy the show because the girls are all interesting in their own way and could appeal to all personalities. They are all very attractive and all look different as well so you can very easily find yourself saying that blonde haired one with the red ribbon sure is a cutie.

During the advent of the Sailor Moon card game the anime was at the hype of its popularity. The company that made the game was called Guardians of Order which sounded like a a cult or some fan site. Turns out this was a company that made the game and they focuses on very low budget anime titles and Sailor Moon was no exception. The game uses still images from the show which is a sure sign we are going to be in for some crap and the game designer that created the game is so full of his ego it is no surprise the company went bankrupt shortly after the game's creation. The dude keeps talking about how they "did their research" or how "based on the show" to omit design flaws in the game. Just for future reference people, please don't justify a game you make based of work done by Yourself. It sounds egotistical and has no merit what so ever to other people, they don't know you on a personal level.

Sailor Venus

The lady that made Sailor Moon had another character that was supposed to be the main girl and her name was Aino Minako. She is my favorite scout and we actually put her against the very popular Hatsune Miku which poor Mina lost against. However, now is the time for her to get some glory because I got the Sailor Venus character deck and she will be taking center stage for this review. In 199x there was a manga made by lady that made Sailor Moon about a 13 year old girl that is visited by a magical cat and makes her into a Sailor Soldier. Artemis helped to recruit Sailor V to fight against the enemies of the world. However when Code Name Sailor V was in the process of becoming an OVA, the company the held the rights to the title went bankrupt and poor Mina was pushed to the sidelines in Sailor Moon. This is why she looks so similar to Sailor Moon as she was the original main character that the artist designed.

She has the power of love and beauty and is the secondary leader of the Sailor Scouts. She has some super cool moves where she can shoot lasers or whack you off the side of the head with a chain made of hearts. She is my favorite character ever and she has been a huge inspiration for many of the characters in my personal work. So we have my favorite character ever in a card game based on the game designer dude's Tri-Stat system which I have never heard of at all. On first inspection I would appear the game is based on Pokemon a game that I absolutely suck at, this is going to be pretty bad so get ready.


Cards Can Upgrade

Now I know that not everyone would know how to play the game of Pokemon so in order to talk about more of the positive aspects of the game we will need to go into this mechanic. The game of Pokemon has you set Pokemon cards from your hand into play at the beginning of the game. Sailor Moon is similar as you can place one level one scout card and a level 1 monster card. Now in Pokemon you only play Pokemon cards and have effect cards called trainers. In sailor moon there are actually three types of cards the Scouts themselves which are in everyday a Pokemon card. The monsters which is what your Pokemon I mean scouts would fight. Each of these cards mentioned use what are called power cards which are divided into three types: mind, body, and soul. Pokemon had way more energy types that available power cards but that is another subject in itself. Lastly there are the effect cards which allow you to change the game with a one time or sustained effect or ability.


Cards in the game fight by declaring attacks against one another. In Pokemon the cards only have one target. However, in sailor moon the Scouts are the only cards that can declare attacks and they can only attack other player's monster or villain cards. Each scout or monster in the game have their attacks listed and named (for no apparent reason) along with the mind, body, and soul requirements for each. If you have the proper amount of power attached to the scout to pay the attack's cost you can deal that much damage to an opponent's monster card. When a monster is slain you take it and gain that many victory points. Like any horrible game you get to pick the victory amount at the beginning of the game. The monsters can attack after being attacked by having the proper power cards attached to them as well. Blue is defensive which triggers before damage is dealt and red is after damage is dealt.

Now similar to Pokemon the cards can level up and this was always a huge feature of Pokemon cards. Each one starts off as a cute little critter and then becomes something huge and awesome. Sailor moon does this very well as each the scouts and the monster cards can level up under different circumstances. Now I had to go out of my way to get it, but I do have all the levels of miss Venus here and they do get drastically better as you level them. The attacks become stronger and most of all your scout will heal damage that is I. Them when they rank up! As with Star Quest damage does not heal on this game and it is quite bothersome when you are winning only to realize all your stuff is going to die. You can heal a scout at the end of a turn as long as they did not attack and you detach power cards to heal 20 points per.

Back on leveling up, it is really cool to level the scouts up as they become much better and can take much more of a beating. With Sailor Venus she actually ranks up and gets a new attack that actually does more damage at a cheap cost unlike the other scouts. In fact her final form has a huge damage attack for only three power cards where the other girls will have to pay four or five power for the same effect. I really wish I had more than one copy of her ultimate forms, but hey at least I have one. These suckers go for at least 20 dollars a piece of ebay which is crazy considering some of the they stuff I am going to tell you about this game.

So as stated prior there are monster cars I addition to the scout girls. These monster cards can rank up into villain cards which are the main baddies from the show and are all quite strong. These cards are double edged swords however these cards require you to initially lose a monster card and then afterwards play out the villain. So already your opponent has an advantage and of they have multiple scouts they can barrage your villain for a huge amount of victory points. It is really awesome that you can have a monster become a villain card and then that villain card too can be slain to become what I dub a SUPER VILLAIN card! Needles to say, upgrading is a great mechanic and works with with the game.

Your Hand Is Always Full

Unlike many games I have reviewed on this show you actually get to always keep a full hand in the game. There is actually a phase that allows you to back up to your initial hand size of five cards. Now if you play as Miss Venus you can her kitty Artemis which allows you to keep SIX cards at all times in your hand! So get this straight cheaper attacks and more cards? So definitely boss and worthy of the coolest girl ever. Back on topic you also get to draw a card at the beginning of each of your turns as well because you can use effect and power cards to counter your oppoent's actions.

This mechanic works really well and allows you to rarely if ever experience the primary draw back of having an in deck resource where you are either man screwed or man rich. In addition, you can discard cards prior to the phase that you do not need in order to draw more cards up to your max hand size! The designers tried their best to make sure that most of the cards were at least usable most of the time, but yet contradict themselves as I go into the next section. More games need to better utilize cards that are I. Your hand as in deck resources are one of the major flaws with many games that are in the market today. The only other game that has done well with this is Weiss Schwarz where the color means more that the amount.

Monsters and Villains

But Card Critic you plea at me questionably, you said earlier that the monster and villain card were a good part of the game! No I didn't I said it was cool that the monsters and villains can also upgrade. This is my first major peeve with this game, why the heck would I play a game about my favorite anime girl and then play a deck full of HER ENEMIES?! I mean have any of the other games I have talked about physically lacked in the main characters of their intellectual property? Yes I do get that the villains are major components in the story, however I buy a game called Sailor Moon for the girls and not for the random trash mobs they kill each episode. That is as if you played a game around a super hero and all you got to play were the random mindless goons that work for their enemy.

Let me out this into perspective, each deck I order to work needs to have at least 10-15 of these crappy monster level one guys in order to basically make meat for your opponent's scouts to murder. Only after you start to lose can you play any better ones. In addition, if you don't have any trash mob monsters in play, your opponent can slay one of their monsters in order to immediately gain points! This is so stupid, why do I have to play these horrible artwork no name enemies of the heroes in my deck?

Well here is why because they do to it in the show! That is right goober face that made this game literally wanted to make the game based in how the show would work. So if that is the logic we are using why don't the sailor girls start at level zero and have to play a transform card in order to become a sailor scout? Why don't we have a deck full of boy cards for the girls to gawk over like they do in each episode? Why the hell does Sailor Moon not start off with her cat like Venus, but instead a gets a creepy need kid!? What the hell Guardians of Error, I mean Order, not everything has to be exactly as you see it "on the show." If people want to experience the show they will watch the darn show!

Needing Energy for Everything

While it is true in the game of Pokemon you use energy to power your attacks used against your opponents. Sailor Moon takes this to a whole new level. It is annoying that you have to use energy to heal, make attacks, power villains for counter attacks, and to re-try a jan kan poh. Oh believe me, we will get into the last one very shortly. You never have enough energy it feels like to fully use your cards and you always feel helpless having to spend turns of the game very slowly healing your scouts just for them to take a ton of damage and have to do it all over again. This goes into something I talked about earlier, it would not be so bad if I could focus my deck around playing my favor it characters. However, they are always sideline to all the extra crap they had to add to this game to "make it feel like the show."

What does that even mean anyways? Having to use energy is something that make deck building a chore because you always with many games that use this mechanic have to dedicate near half your deck to this resource. If you fail to draw that which believe me can happen, you are so boned it is insane how bad you lose. You need to keep energy all the time to make sure by the off chance something does, gets hit too hard, or an effect that discard your power cards is used. The game has little thought put into it and it seriously aggravates me that is has a mechanic to allow you to get cards you need, yet force you to keep power/energy cards in your hand to counter and used against crap your opponent does.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a game where you put your hands together and count to three and show one of the three objects. Card Critic you say, we know that that is! Yes, it is a child's game that should have no bearijng what so ever in any game especially a card game. However, Sailor Moon has Rock Paper Scissors as a main mechanic of the game to determine if a cards ability is successful or not. I HATE THIS MECHANIC! Here is the thing, there are a lot of mind games that go I to playing this and people pick up on these queues faster than others. Such as you may always pick rick first or move your body in a certain way when you think about changing your object you are going to throw. This talent should have no bearing what so ever in a card game!

In Pokemon you use coins to determine if a card is successful, that is great I like that. 50% chance my card that is going to flat out ground you will work, that is a pretty good chance of working. Also there are no stupid tricks the player can do modify their chances of winning! Rock Paper Scissors on the other hand, reduces the chance of your card working to one out of three which is 33% which is when I went to school significantly lower. However! You can use three energy cards to try again just to more than likely lose right away because your opponent can already read you like an open book when you play Rock Paper Scissors. I am going to say this now, this game won an award and had an expansion. How does something that is a Pokemon mod win an award and get an expansion that is even lower quality than the first set!?

Combination Attacks

Now let's take in all the stuff that we have discussed so far that make this game a chore to play. Number one, you have to play and fight against villain cards that can kill your scouts way too fast. Number dos, you need energy to defend your said monsters/villains and to power your babe's attacks so you can end this train wreck of a game. Number III, you have to Rock Paper Scissors to do anything remotely fun I the game which has has a very high chance of not even working at all. Number four, the needing of energy for everything and the need to replicate a show about five girls blowing the poo out of generic monsters and mildly interesting villains. These factors lead up to what is quite possibly the worse mechanic I have ever played in a game in my entire life!

You can like in the show, combine your attacks to help fight off a stronger villain! This sounds so good on paper and I had to read this several times to even comprehend it and it still might not be right. That is just how BAD it is, it confuses you and has such a high chance of not working you don't even use it when you play the game. With this mechanic you have to have at least two power cards attached to scouts or Dariens which I forgot to mention were in the game, that match the same type. So if you use Sailor Venus she has to team up with Sailor Mercury since they share the same type. Then you woah man get ready, have to discard at least one power to give the attack 20 more damage per member. Your opponent can do the se to reduce the damage. Then you play a game of fraggin Rock Paper Scissors and of you lose it all goes to waste and your opponent can still hit you back!!!!!!!! This is the stupidest mechanic I have ever read in my life, first of all your sailor girls do absolute damage on their own and have no need to use this mechanic. Next, it cost energy and has a 33% percent chance to work. It is so dumb that I intend to give this game the worse review ever on this show!


This game sucks! It makes me really sad to say it, because it contains my favorite character ever and it is a trading card game. Two things I absolutely love, but you should know that it is going to be crap if I am talking about it in this show. With the infuriating excuse of trying to imitate the show and the fact that a novice that has in clue what they are doing is making the game shows its blaring flaws. More work was put into the esthetics and trying to mimic scenes and actions that similar to Star Quest they forgot to make the game fun. I don't care that it won an award, this game died off and it served it right. No game should feel like a chore to play and with this information I will now rate this horrible game!

Sailor Venus 10/10

Sailor Moon CCG 2/10