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Evelyn Bishop

Age: 16

Birthday: April 1st

Allegiance: Bishop Clan (Demon)

Nanodrive: Lurker

Evelyn Bishop was present during the day that Mina Holly and her fiend Ayaka Lizzy discovered the technology that has granted life to the creations of the Tinkerers. Unknown to the other present during the time some of the technology has an adverse effect on Evelyn and it slowly started to kill her. She disappeared with her lover Dretch Muerte and a large hunt was started by Lord Bishop to find his other daughter. Evelyn has always been seen as the favorite of Lord Bishop and her sister Gracelyn has taken full advantage of her absence. While it is un-confirmed there have been sightings of a being known as the Nanotech Nightmare that bares a strange resemblance to Evelyn. This creature has a strange effect on all technology around it and can actually cause the memories of those around to burst into reality making them into their own living nightmares.


Evenlyn Bishop's Emotions

Nanotech Nightmare