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Price Guide - Mega Man X

15. 01. 25
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This is the hitorical price guide that was used when Jeff and his friend would play the Battle Tabs game, no one really took the prices on these tabs seriously as the game was made for fun. Take a look and laugh a bit at how much we though our individual works would be worth.

Battle Tabs - Mega Man X

Unit Name





Black Zero UR 3 $10 Maverick Hunters
Ultimate Armor UR 5 $20 Maverick Hunters
Dynamo SR 2 $4 Maverick
Dark Necrobat R 1 $2 Maverick
The Skiver R 4 $3 Repliforce
Axle the Red U 2 N/A Maverick
Burn Dinorex U 3 N/A Maverick
Grizzly Slash U 3 N/A Maverick
The Gaea Armor U 1 N/A Maverick Hunters
The Falcon Armor U 2 N/A Maverick Hunters
Volt Kraken U 2 N/A Maverick
Flash Firefly C 3 N/A Maverick
Tidal Whale C 3 N/A Maverick
General SR 3 $5 Repliforce
Colonel R 3 $3 Repliforce
Double R 3 $2 Maverick
Iris R 4 $7 Repliforce
Zero R 4 $3 Maverick Hunters
Cyber Peacock U 3 N/A Maverick
The Force Armor U 4 N/A Maverick Hunters
Web Spider U 3 N/A Repliforce
Frost Walrus C 2 N/A Repliforce
Magma Dragoon C 3 N/A Repliforce
Jet Stingray C 3 N/A Repliforce
Slash Beast C 3 N/A Repliforce
Split Mushroom C 1 N/A Maverick
Storm Owl U 2 N/A Maverick
Dr.Doppler SR 3 $6 Doppler Force
Doppler's Sigma Body R 5 $5 Doppler Force
Vile R 3 $2 Doppler Force
Blast Hornet U 3 N/A Doppler Force
Gravity Beetle U 2 N/A Doppler Force
Toxic Seahorse U 2 N/A Doppler Force
Tunnel Rhino U 2 N/A Doppler Force
Blizzard Buffalo C 1 N/A Doppler Force
Crush Crawfish C 4 N/A Doppler Force
Neon Tiger C 4 N/A Doppler Force
Volt Catfish C 3 N/A Doppler Force
Magna Centipede R 1 $1.50 Maverick
Armored X U 3 N/A Maverick Hunters
Bubble Crab U 1 N/A Maverick
Crystal Snail U 1 N/A Maverick
Flame Stag C 3 N/A Maverick
Morph Moth C 2 N/A Maverick
Overdrive Ostrich C 2 N/A Maverick
Wheel Gator C 2 N/A Maverick
Wire Sponge C 2 N/A Maverick
Sigma UR 4 $12.00 Maverick
Mega Man X R 4 $6 Maverick Hunters
Armoured Armadillo U 3 N/A Maverick
Boomer Kuwanger C 3 N/A Maverick
Chill Penguin C 2 N/A Maverick
Flame Mammoth C 1 N/A Maverick
Launch Octopus C 3 N/A Maverick
Spark Mandrill C 2 N/A Maverick
Sting Chemeleon C 3 N/A Maverick
Storm Eagle C 1 N/A Maverick