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Keyword Abilities - Battle Tabs

15. 01. 24
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Immune - Whenever this unit is the target of a hostile ranged attack, this unit gains an additional +2 defense until end of the attack.

Resistance - Whenever this unit would take damage from an attack, it takes one less damage from that source, but no less than one damage from each source.

Fast - Fast units can move up to nine inches instead of just six.

Winged - Winged units can move up to twelve inches and can also ignore rough terrain.

Massive - Massive units can only be given one order per turn. A massive unit can only move, attack, or shoot and can never combine these maneuvers like a standard unit. Units located behind a massive unit receive a +1 defense bonus against ranged attacks. Massive units can never receive the benefits of cover terrain.

Stealth - Stealth units are immune to area of effect attacks such as breath weapon, burst, and blast attacks. Stealth units also receive an additional +1 defense when utilizing cover terrain.

Limited-X - You can only have up to X copies of this particular unit in your starting army.

Unique - You can only have one copy of this particular unit in your starting army.

Solitary - Units that have this ability cannot be a member of a squad and must always act independently.

Electrified - This unit does double damage to Aquatic units. This unit is also immediately destroyed it placed onto water based terrain.

Inflamed - This unit does double damage to Plant units.

Plant - This unit does double damage to Electrified units.

Aquatic - This unit does double damage to Inflamed units. These units can move in water terrain without movement penalties.

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