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Mina Holly

Age: 16

Birthday: October 22nd

Allegiance: The Tinkerers(Spirit)

Nanodrive: Gizmotech

Mina Holly is a child breed of two different elements, both Sin and Chaos. When these two powers unlock the person could bring about the end of the World. Given that the scope of the World that the Sector City of Negagoth currently scopes is limited. Many do not believe the Last Violent Prophecy, lets just hope she can handle the power she owns to be true. Yet, it is unwise to ignore the current achievements of this young woman as she has the power create life from which has no life. She has had most of her memories unlocked compared to most other Tinkerers and this makes her an S Rank threat in the Agency's eyes.

  • Shadow Master Card
  • Terra Character Card

0: The FOOL

Mina Holly's Emotions

Mina's Battle Pose