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Mega Man X

15. 01. 25
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This was the first set ever made for battle tabs. I recall the game taking only like a week to fully make. Of the materials in the game included the armies with their ability cards, but I also made four starter kit pouches. These starter pouches contained simple 200 point armies that had no more than about two uncommons and two to four commons. I tried to explore making a game that was not a trading card game, but still had that collectible aspect to it. Another primary concern of mine was the system it was based on, the double six sided dice system was something that was new at the time and the games that were out format did not utilize it to its full potential. A lot of people were surprised with the changes that battle tabs made to this system and this is what caused this game to quickly rise over Noodle Battle and Noodles the Star Cat card game.

Battle Tabs Mega Man X was the first set for a game that I have ever made that utilized starter decks with packaging. I did not have the mental capacity to make a template for a deck box, as I worked in MSPaint at the time, so instead we got starter deck pouches. This pouch design stuck until the later years of LVP Classic as we just never found a good template to use for deck packaging. While there were some sets of Noodle Battle that had booster packs, none of the games up until now had a booster box to store the pack within. This box is actually rather interesting as I was only thirteen or so when I made it and it had the standard aspects that a booster box would have. The packaging had a pop up version of a character and said 1st edition proudly in the middle. The box actually could hold all of the tabs within it and was overall quite impressive.

There were four starter decks for this game as mentioned prior and each army had their own little story blurbs on the pack. This set of cards like many of the really old Noodles The Star Cat games prior to the release of ANIMEted in LvP classic were lost with my hard drive failure in my early college years. Unfortunately one game hit harder by the loss of the soft copies was definitely Battle Tabs. I managed to locate hard copies of each starter deck and had them scanned to be immortalized here on the Starcat website. However the booster box was stuffed in one of my really early archive boxes where it had collapsed and needed to be repaired. I managed to get all of the old faded tape off of the box and put it back together. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any of the old booster packs and they may be lost forever along with the early sets of LVP classic.

It should be noted that Battle tabs is most definitely a significant game to us here at Starcat Products. This was the first game to be packaged yes, but it was also the first game I made on the computer. Yes, the card frames were inspired by StarCraft, another fantastic game that I loved at the time, none the less the game just looked better than horrible handwriting on notebook paper. This game would lead us to our new development model of using MSPaint and Starcat stuck with this model until the development plans for UCG were made reality. No need to worry, Starcat has professional grade tools now for everything and anything we make in the future. Although for aesthetics, any changes made to battle tabs for the product vault are being made in MSPaint.

The story for this set of cards is pretty much just a rehash of the first five Mega Man X games at the time. The Maverick Hunters are the primary police force of the humans against the virus infested reploid robots by the evil Sigma. The combined forces of Mega Man X and Zero are needed to stop the ever growing supply of mavericks from all regions. The mother computer corrupted by the Doppler Force caused reploids to act in disarray. To add to the terrorism, humanity was starting to grow weary of the reploid air force, Repliforce, and accuses them of being mavericks after the framing in Sky Lagoon. The front lines were being manned by Sigma himself with his mavericks destroying all in their wake. Just keep in mind any scans of ability cards were made from my personal archive of all my game projects and photo quality may be limited, which is why we transcribe every card in the product vault to plain text for your convenience.

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