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15. 02. 05
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The first set of battle tabs was all about the Mega Man X series, and the second series answers the question of what occurred in the original Mega Man universe. This set was overall poor in the quality department. The card frame was based off of the Zerg template rather than the Terran one used on the in the original Battle Tabs Mega Man X. Not a whole lot of new mechanics were introduced except for the use of breath weapons, flame weapons, and the blast template. The Dominion Mercenaries were another interesting addition to the game. They were unique in their ability to join with other squads side by side in combat.

It was visually apparent that several of the armies in the first set of battle tabs had flaws. The Maverick Hunters were very much of the expensive end and for the most part did not have a lot of melee capability outside of Zero. The Repliforce lacked high point value units that were capable of hitting hard and being able to take a hit in response. The Mavericks overall were well rounded with Sigma and several rare units that had specialized abilities. However, the Mavericks saw little to no gameplay from its player base. Doppler Force by far was the best army in the game at the time and Rivals made the army even stronger. The Dominion was designed to add powerful champions to the ranks of the existing armies and made to be collector’s items. However, the Dominion mercenaries were either insanely broken or way too overpriced. Regardless, the addition of the Dominion was a welcomed addition to the game as they could stand alongside your power units and be able aid or protect them in battle. It should be mentioned that several of the Dominion Mercenaries were sought after as each had two keywords in addition to unique modifier. Some of the mercenaries were similar to other champions, and in some cases the latter were better. This allowed players access to two similar uniques into battle. The main problem with Battle Tabs Rivals was due to many of the extra units added for existing armies were Unique. Almost every Maverick Hunter card with the exception of Speed Rider was just underpriced versions of existing hunter units.

It should be noted that this set was very filler card heavy. Way too many of the units in this set were just way too similar in ability. Another aspect of the set dealt with balance, the Kossack's Irregulars were absolutely game breaking in the mere fact there was no limit to how their abilities would stack and this in turn absolutely broke the game in half. Several emergency erratas had to be made to this set as many of the mercenaries could kill whole armies on their own. Although almost no one would play them, Dr. Wily gave all Wily squad units thee keyword abilities and King made his entire squad immune to ranged attacks. Overall the most balanced and well received army in the game was the Gate Squadron. No other armies in the game had the same melee capability as this army did and many people enjoyed having units that could run head first into melee.

The Maverick Dragon was the rarest unit in the game and was well worth the large point value it had. The original Maverick Dragon before its reprint in the Dominion set was composed of four card tabs. This was the only card in the game to need to be pieced together due to its size. In addition, like the Dominion Mercenaries, this card had two keywords in addition to being Unique.

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