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15. 07. 29
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The Sinful Truth

Howdy there everyone, looks like another month has gone by and the new version is not yet done. So, let's talk about two very important series of cards in the Universal Card Game instead. The cards I want to talk about are the ‘Sin’ Permanent Effects and what I like call the ‘Darkness’ Status Effects. The Sins are seven cards that each cost one Terra and cover a wide spectrum of abilities that players are accustom to having split among several weaker cards. I don’t think many people care for weak cards in card games that are obviously made to be filler and have such basic effects that they just don't feel worth including in a competitive deck. That is one of the overarching goals in Universal Card Game, to make each card in the game useful. By designing these low cost cards that make two or more staple effects available to the player, we’ve made these cards more viable in a game that is designed to be competitive.

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15. 06. 01
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Face Down or Face Up?

In several of the earlier versions of the Universal Card Game including version 1.4, we made several cards that deal with flipping cards face up and face down. These cards were very unique in how they work. Unfortunately, they are a nightmare to write rules about due to their unique nature. If you are not aware, we are making a new version of the UCG. You can find the article here. There is one card that is going through a metamorphosis along with one of its support effects as well. This is the Shadow Master, now known as a Shadow Architects, for our main character Mina Holly. The other card we will be discussing is the Effect card Spirit of the Tinkerer.

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15. 05. 14
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Universal Card Game Version 1.5

Hello everyone! This is Jeff with Starcat Products, and I am very pleased to announce the final version of the Universal Card Game. This will be the last time I will refer to the game in terms of versions, as we have been working on this game for several years. While each time we revise the game it gets much better, there is only so much that you can do before people start losing interest. I really appreciate everyone that has stuck with us all this time and especially putting up with all the different changes. This final version of the game is the product of input from the several playtest sessions that many of you may have seen on our Facebook page.

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Cards Being Crafted

30%The Commit Sins: The Commit Sin cards are some of the fundamental cards in the Universal Card Game. We have currently commissioned the artist Henri dela Cruz to draw each “sin” card a panoramic picture that when placed next to the other sin cards will form one giant picture! This will be really neat once we have them done, as the sin in the world is entwined with our everyday life. It would be very flavorful to have the sin cards interlace to make one giant picture.


0% The Darkness Status Effects: In the Universal Card Game there are the three Inquisitors of the Inquisition. Did you know each of them has a name? That is right! Arcanist of the Inquisition has the name of Cass Havana, Templar of the Inquisition has the name of Khane Avanarus, and the Warlord of the Inquisition has the name of Ross Undersong. These character each wield a cursed weapon given to them by the Architect of the Flesh. We want to show the fall of these proud warriors with the “darkness” status effect cards that deal with the removal of various characters of specific designators. Similar to the “sin” cards, these cards will form one collaborative picture.


5% Tinkerer Ayaka Lizzy: Ayaka is one of the most powerful character cards currently in the Universal Card Game. Her artwork, while extremely good, is from the source material from which is was created for. This picture is not the best for a very powerful character card. We hope to commission the artist Val Hochberg that actually drew Ayaka on Riptor, Sharvan Elite to draw a unique artwork specifically for Ayaka’s character card. We have to wait until the beginning of June, but once we hear back we will keep you posted!