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Jeff's Erratas - UCG 1.3 Volume One

14. 09. 23
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The first of the UCG card changes is the card ignorance. This card after surviving two earlier version numbers of the game, the decision was made that this needed a power boost. The game has one to play characters that can nullify activated abilities, and epic characters that can nullify alternate costs to name a few. But fear not you can bounce it back to their hand for it to come back two seconds later. With characters becoming more powerful it is really obvious that the effect cards needed a power boost too. We have added an additional cost of one to bounce all copies of an annoyingly powerful character back to its owner's hand. This will at least stifle their entire army for a turn instead of just a single key character. Small tip, when the gangsters come out this card is key to getting their effect character cards to fall off!

Gemini Twins

This card was beyond over powered when it had its 1st ability whenever a basic money comes into play all your characters get +1 power and 0WnZ0r! When utilized with cards like Faerie Fighter and Dryad of the Woods, shenanigans evoked quite often. It was either unlimited girl tokens or the playing of all the money cards in the girl deck. This nerf was very much necessary given its stable stability. Random helpful hint: play four of these even though it costs six to utilize the token generation ability.


This card has never been good since the days of noodles the star cat card game. This game will later be revealed in a section known as the product vault which our noble man Alan is currently working on. Back on topic, here is Darkcat; he used to be a zero to play one power demon character. This is a horrible late game card to get. So, we made him have his ability where if you control six or more basic money cards you can put a four power demon girl into play. Compound this with cat girl matriarch being unstable unlike the other lords and you have a game winning field. The nerf makes the tokens be legends and only one power. Poor DarkCat, he'll survive the changes we're sure.

Samson Black

This I admit will always be one of my favorite cards of all time. Insaines during LVP classic were a mid tier deck, but the tricks you could pull were just plain fun. This more than likely was a typo or it was reminiscent when he was limited to one copy in play but he gave himself his own bonus. This by itself makes him stronger than any of the other 4 to play champion cards.

Cat Girl Matriarch

This card, similar to Samson Black, had another abnormality from the other cards that buff for the tribes. This one was unstable when all the other lords were rare. That means on a good run your demons and girls would get +3 power which is absolutely devastating against a deck that does not play a lot of effects. Combine this fact with the ability to turn basic money cards into one power demon girls was just way too powerful to keep in the game. This card is now rare like the rest of the lords.

Seismic Blackcoat

This demonic creature was beyond overpowered when the moment you would play it that it could be used to draw 4 cards. Oh, let's not forget the fact that when it dies it also lets you put 2 more one power counters on target character. Combine this with another Blackcoat or the might Reality Warper demon card and you have shenanigans. This nerf should be pretty self-explanatory.

Ballad of She

I royally made a bad typo on this card and gave it the cost of $X instead of $0 that it should have been. With this in mind the card used to take two times the cost with the double X value. Hey that is all fine and dandy especially since all the epic characters could be played with this card for zero before the nerf of this card. Even after these many years this card is still a staple in any deck that remotely uses characters at all.

Final Clash

Why did I make this be an action effect? Do I enjoy making one of the best come back cards not useful until a turn too late? Again after all these years this bad boy is still a staple in any and I mean any deck except maybe the ones that aren’t running mana.

John of Chibi Goths

John of Chibi Goths is a card that needed to be Arrogant. This card when paired up with its two buddies can start to reduce your opponent to ashes very quickly. For some reason this card's original commentary was lost and this small summary was added on this article's re-upload.

Jeff of Chibi Geeks

Jeff of Chibi Geeks is a card that needed to be Arrogant. This card when paired up with its two buddies can start to reduce your opponent to ashes very quickly. For some reason this card's original commentary was lost and this small summary was added on this article's re-upload.

Spaz of Chibi Gamers

Spaz of Chibi Gamers is a card that needed to be Arrogant. This card when paired up with its two buddies can start to reduce your opponent to ashes very quickly. For some reason this card's original commentary was lost and this small summary was added on this article's re-upload.

Alan, The First

This card on its own is not overly powerful. It contains the standard 4 cost and two power of the other tribal lords. It also has the activated ability to kan characters of particular tribes. However, when combined with the ability to be moved back to the active zone from Prince, The Second you have virtually all your guy cards out in your deck in about three turns with about 5 or 6 money in play. This card now grants Aldane a full hand discard instead of giving its prior ability of giving Prince his ability to turn off cards in play.


Jeff's Erratas Volume #1

Originally published on September 24th, 2011, this article discusses some of the first major changes to the Universal Card Game. There were many cards in this early version of the game that needed the ability known as Arrogant. This ability has since been renamed Delayed and the cards we take for granted now were much more powerful in this version of the game. Also for some reason many of the cards that had the Timing of Immediate in older versions of the game had Timing of Action instead. This was fixed on several cards and many of these cards are now some of the most powerful in the game including Final Clash and Ballad of She.


This Article is for an older version of the game and is here for archival purposes! Please be sure to check the Card Gallery for up to date card rulings!

Cards Being Crafted

30%The Commit Sins: The Commit Sin cards are some of the fundamental cards in the Universal Card Game. We have currently commissioned the artist Henri dela Cruz to draw each “sin” card a panoramic picture that when placed next to the other sin cards will form one giant picture! This will be really neat once we have them done, as the sin in the world is entwined with our everyday life. It would be very flavorful to have the sin cards interlace to make one giant picture.


0% The Darkness Status Effects: In the Universal Card Game there are the three Inquisitors of the Inquisition. Did you know each of them has a name? That is right! Arcanist of the Inquisition has the name of Cass Havana, Templar of the Inquisition has the name of Khane Avanarus, and the Warlord of the Inquisition has the name of Ross Undersong. These character each wield a cursed weapon given to them by the Architect of the Flesh. We want to show the fall of these proud warriors with the “darkness” status effect cards that deal with the removal of various characters of specific designators. Similar to the “sin” cards, these cards will form one collaborative picture.


5% Tinkerer Ayaka Lizzy: Ayaka is one of the most powerful character cards currently in the Universal Card Game. Her artwork, while extremely good, is from the source material from which is was created for. This picture is not the best for a very powerful character card. We hope to commission the artist Val Hochberg that actually drew Ayaka on Riptor, Sharvan Elite to draw a unique artwork specifically for Ayaka’s character card. We have to wait until the beginning of June, but once we hear back we will keep you posted!