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Jeff's Erratas - UCG 1.3 Volume Two

14. 09. 25
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Prince The Second

This card may not look like a powerhouse but upon further inspection you would be sorely mistaken. When this card had his buddies out it completely shuts down the key cards of a deck. Also, if the buddies are out he can activate to move Alan back to the active zone. Given this info and the fact he is a 2 to play 2 ALL the shared abilities of Alan, Aldane, and Prince were switched. Making the player use the rare six to play Aldane to move Alan back is significantly slower than the two to play Prince having the ability.

Winged Infernal

This card had a typo where it did two damage to each character instead of one.

Lizzy Ayakamo

With the abandonment of the spawn character type Lizzy needed a new home. I know! Let's make her be Dancer Girl Ellis from LVP Classic. Now she is a Dudet and a Chick where she can be used to power any deck with the ability of Dude and Dudet destruction. Her ability has been reduced to two cards when coming into play instead of being three. Otherwise she is still the same powerful card.

Dark Armoured Sharvan

This card is one of the few epic characters you can play in any deck which is why it has its covert stability. Late game this card can get you out of a tight bind so the errata was made to make its epic condition be 15 cards in the trash can zone rather than 15 character cards. Also the card had a massive typo where it was not labeled an epic character but a normal character.

Evil's Edict

Okay so let's compare two cards that are similar in affect. This is why this game is slow to make I have to make sure each card is good because otherwise we have to make changes like this. There is fall from grace, this instant effect cost five with no alternate cost. This card can Kan any card in play and then you draw two cards. Now let's talk about evil's edict, it costs 4 and have an alternate cost of you take four damage. The card also Kans a character, the player takes two damage and then you draw a card. Which card would you play? Evils Edict is now nerfed to where it only has its alternate cost and Kans target character.

Executor Williams

This card is crazy good. If you are losing it offers a way to wipe the board hopefully before you die. Otherwise it is a self-replicating beat stick that keeps doubling in count each turn. Slowing it down was mandatory. At least if it is arrogant it does not immediately come at you and double in count. Even decks with limited destruction should be able to handle one of these things hitting the field before it pops.

Chaotic Fuzz

This card needed a power boost. It has been the exact same card since 2003 or 2004 when Sigma Style came out for LVP Classic. It costs six for you and your opponents each to lose two characters. That is it, that is all it does otherwise it is a vanilla three power character. By giving it an alternate cost and the ability for it to chunk non-Insaine characters lets you use it strategically. If you lose field control late game you can chunk 3 characters that are probably going to die anyways to kill off two of the things killing you. If late game you need a beat stick you can wipe two of their characters and get a six power 0wnz0r character in the process. Much better huh?

Silicon Fate

This card alongside chaotic fuzz gives the Insaine deck player edge with each player chunk a non-Insaine character in play. This card is also significant because it is one of about two Insaine cards with agility. The other card is Seawolf and it is a 6 to play 4. By properly utilizing the alternate costs of this card and chaotic fuzz, Insaine decks should easily rise higher in the power tier. Pro tip: these guys stack on themselves; we suggest any deck running these to also play the new version of Ignorance.

Mina Holly

I find it funny that both of the main heroines of the LVP RPG are on the errata list for changes. Mina's card however is an actual errata rather than a game change. Mina’s card overall was very weak and slow in when compared to cards like Darkcat. To make up for this she is now a two power character. To complement her ability to make gizmos unblockable we also made more cards that generate gizmos as well.

Terror Incarnate

Sharvans are no longer free from the effect characters that Kan a certain character type. With the removal of the Spawn tribe this was easy to make room for.

Noodles' Hatred

Cards that are too derivative are just not good enough to stand up in the UCG anymore. Cards that are worth playing need to be able to stand on their own and not feel like an empty draw to the player. This is why it takes so long to make UCG cards that feel like are fulfilling contributions to the set. Overall the Heavy Storm \ Tranquility effect is never a bad choice for a deck, but at the same time why do they have to destroy your effects? In the UCG things are one sided that is a given, but at the same time I can't make cards that are too similar otherwise everyone will just play the one with the rare slot. This is so common in any TCG that it’s something I plan to rectify in the UCG. The destruction effect is still on the card, it is one dollar cheaper, and it has an additional effect. A lot more cards are going to follow this formula as late game, game turning moves are necessary.

Unnamed Desires

This card is two wonderful cards put together based on which one you will need at the time. Clash of Titanz is a wonderful card from BlacKSteeL that allows you to play cards like the master for only four money. This effect is absolutely awesome especially when your opponent has no cards in their hand. It is a free character for half the cost. In addition you can also choose to search your deck for any card and put it into play. This is the only real search card in the game that does not have some sort of drawback. Along with this choice you could double the price on the card and use both options instead! This card is practically two cards in one!


Jeff's Erratas Volume #2

Originally published on September 25th, 2011, this article discusses some of the first major changes to the Universal Card Game. This volume contains some of the best characters in the game including Dark Armoured Sharvan and Lizzy Ayakamo which are pretty much good in every deck in the game. Also listed on here are some more of the more staple effect cards such as Evil's Edict which gets nerfed just about every time I wrote one of these articles. Got to love how the Mercenaries were called Guys in the older versions of the game.


This Article is for an older version of the game and is here for archival purposes! Please be sure to check the Card Gallery for up to date card rulings!


Cards Being Crafted

30%The Commit Sins: The Commit Sin cards are some of the fundamental cards in the Universal Card Game. We have currently commissioned the artist Henri dela Cruz to draw each “sin” card a panoramic picture that when placed next to the other sin cards will form one giant picture! This will be really neat once we have them done, as the sin in the world is entwined with our everyday life. It would be very flavorful to have the sin cards interlace to make one giant picture.


0% The Darkness Status Effects: In the Universal Card Game there are the three Inquisitors of the Inquisition. Did you know each of them has a name? That is right! Arcanist of the Inquisition has the name of Cass Havana, Templar of the Inquisition has the name of Khane Avanarus, and the Warlord of the Inquisition has the name of Ross Undersong. These character each wield a cursed weapon given to them by the Architect of the Flesh. We want to show the fall of these proud warriors with the “darkness” status effect cards that deal with the removal of various characters of specific designators. Similar to the “sin” cards, these cards will form one collaborative picture.


5% Tinkerer Ayaka Lizzy: Ayaka is one of the most powerful character cards currently in the Universal Card Game. Her artwork, while extremely good, is from the source material from which is was created for. This picture is not the best for a very powerful character card. We hope to commission the artist Val Hochberg that actually drew Ayaka on Riptor, Sharvan Elite to draw a unique artwork specifically for Ayaka’s character card. We have to wait until the beginning of June, but once we hear back we will keep you posted!