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Jeff's Erratas - UCG 1.3 Volume Five

14. 09. 27
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The I Don't Know

To change this card kind of makes me sad, but at the same time it has been about a decade since the last time I played this card from the classic version of this game. This card was my old original card from the LVP classic game and used to be notorious among all the players as being one of the hardest cards to kill, yet cards like Dreambourne Mina and Alucard, Rogue Vampire were significantly more broken and also banned. This card is yet another victim of just being way to slow for the UCG. Regardless, this card, like several others, needed to be buffed or just completely changed. This time we have a change made by John himself for this card to be a bit smaller, but it also has an ability we would all dread in the past. The new ability now has you take one less damage from each source of damage. Remember this is each source of damage so if you get one of these out you can no longer take damage from sources that would only hit you for one damage! Also, if you were to take one damage several times this card would make you immune to all of it. Options for which expensive Dude cards to play should now become more interesting and challenging to choose between than before.

Rei's Presence

Rei's Presence is a card that is the victim of not following the changed rules for the UCG. In the UCG it is considered an invalid move to either activate a card in play for money when it is not going to be immediately used for a card being played and it is an invalid move to play another card while in the process of paying the cost for another card already in one of your effect zones. Thus the final ability on Rei's Presence needed to be changed because the ability for this card to add money to your wallet for the use of an activated ability of a chick card could never be legally used. The only way to word the card where it would still follow the rules of the version 1.3 of UCG would be for the card to make the activation cheaper the next time it would be used. With that matter at hand, the final ability of Rei's Presence was changed to where it made all the activated abilities of Chick cards in play cost one money less to be used. We will see how this modified version of the card works with the chick cards especially with the recent addition of the now defunct Spawn faction to their arsenal and their last member of their faction on the way known as Molly Holly.

Noodles The Star Cat

Noooo, my dear old sweet kitty cat is being nerfed! Unfortunately Miss Noodles here was pretty close to having her own deck. While we strive for the covert rares to be extremely powerful, so powerful to the point where they could be their own deck, Noodles was just too powerful. This card has the ability to hit for three damage with agility and since it is NOT Arrogant it is too powerful! But Jeff, does this not contradict what you were just stating about a lot of the classic cards being butt in UCG since they have Arrogant? Yes and no, this card is not the LVP classic card from the sets of Neo 4th edition and The Final Countdown. This card is one of the few cards from UCG 1.2 to just be directly converted over. It was already one of the better cards in the batch and we hoped to make more cards to par with her, but it just never came to pass. Secondly, Noodles was a three power three to play character with agility and, she would get you back a card from your trash can zone back to your hand. Need I mention that the graveyard/trash can/discard pile is the easiest zone to exploit in many games? You are always dumping cards you don't need at the moment to this area and your cards that are already doing most of the killing go to this area. So each turn you can keep recycling that Tear The Void to keep killing off your opponent's other agility character and keep hitting for three over and over again. As part of the prior mentioned nerf Noodles now only has one Power and is Arrogant. Now Charlie, Goth Dog and her are similar in power and have utility that has equal pace in the game.

Cwn Annwn

The hound of war…more like the hound of crap. This card was made to be oh so very broken, but as it turned out that gaining control of a character is just something that is not that powerful on a character card. This card even when main decked in a Demon deck or heck even a control deck gets undermined by much better aggressive cards that in this sort of game control the field more efficiently than full control cards such as the old version of this card. Now mind you this card was completely broken when it was in LVP classic, again another card that was insane in classic and blows completely in UCG. The UCG is a whole beast in itself where cards that are good in their native games are not nearly as good or just flat out broken when implemented in the UCG. The version of this card utilizes the counter mechanic of the Demon Faction, but this time we threw in a twist. Ever notice when you only have one Demon card out and no other characters on the field but your opponent's? Then the Demon by some sort of bad turn of events gets kanned and has to grant all of its power counters to that other character? Well, with the lack of good cheap Demon cards we made this one be a one to play Demon card that is a three power. This character has a drawback however, and comes into play with two -1 power counters on it. Then when another demon comes into play, you can remove one of the counters to another character in play. This is optional mind you and then when the Cerberus dies, he distributes two -1 power counters on another target character! To put gravy on the top of it we made him be unstable instead of rare just so you can be like the big truck boss in our soon to be demo of the LVP RPG and summon three of these things to rain hell on your opponents!

XII: The Hanged Man

You know I really thought this card was going to be awesome. It has really cool artwork and it has the way awesome ability of keeping a character form being able to attack and/or block. Then it also slowly kills the character with a -1 power counter at the beginning of each your turns. In here lies the inherent flaw of this card, it triggers at your wake up phase and this is what makes it too slow. There are just to many cards in UCG that are just much quicker like Tear The Void and Evil's Edict that have alternate costs that make them free and flat out kill the characters they target. This card yes has the ability where if it kills the character off with the -1 power counters it would go back to your hand. The ability is just way to slow to kill anything with any method of pace. I know I may have screwed up making cards free but keep in mind I need to make cards for games that do not utilize the resource card type. Thus they are a necessary evil and make the decks that do not utilize the Resource card type be able to compete with that ones that do. The new ability of this card is actually one that’s not been seen so far in the game. This effect character allows you to gain control of a character at the penalty of getting a -1 Power counter each turn. This card will hopefully prove useful against some of the larger cards since as of right now there is not a whole lot a player can do to combat characters of six Power or more.


So yes, this is another card that has gone through several renditions in its existence. It started off in LVP classic as an Insaine card that would let you pay three money to have a target player discard a card from their hand. This ability in the UCG would prove to be extremely crap as it is already hard enough to get the six money out to play the card let alone to keep it alive long enough to matter to make a player discard a card for three. It’s not really even intimidating as you need to spend a huge amount of money to use it. The first UCG version of this card was a six to play agility 1337ness and cannot be the target of effects or abilities card. However as awesome as that sounds NO ONE played it! I mean compared to crap like Gwyn App Nudd and Phantom, it only sounds rational that this card would be crap. The newer version of this card I decided to go with the alternate cost on a lot of Insaine cards and give this guy an awesome alternate cost. This guy now has the same cost and also had a small power reduction, but has the alternate cost to where if you took damage from an attack while controlling an Insaine, you can put it into play! Along with putting the sea wolf into play, you prevent the damage, but the sea wolf gets -1 power counters equal to the amount of damage you took. I think this new card will be seen quite often in Insaine decks and hybrid decks as well.


CoCopodomus was another one of the Insaine cards that nobody touched. This card before in the LVP classic was a two to play card that had ownzor. This is also known as a filler card, in the UCG I tried to be interesting with this one and have a cool search mechanic but the Insaine cards just never did anything with search. In many cards games cards that search for more copies of itself are extremely awesome, however this card was one that just cost way too much to do anything with. Also the card had a base cost of three and was a two power character. The main ability beyond the ability to search for another copy of itself for another two money was to activate to give target character plus one Power until end of turn. This ability was just so mundane and this character holds a lot of significance to me as he was the first fictional character I ever made. But Jeff, this dude is only a stick man, that's so lame! Hello people, I was six years old when I made this guy! Anyways the new version of this card is actually the first of its kind as a Vanilla Character! This card is actually a one to play two power vanilla character. It would be a fantastic addition to a deck that already utilizes power of low cost characters such as Generic Force and Funk Bat.


Jeff's Erratas Volume #5

Originally published on January 16th, 2012. I want to start this and make a huge mention to the basic reason why one of the factions had such sweeping changes. The Demon Faction is one of the more advanced and interesting groups within the UCG. They utilize and exploit +1 Power counters for their advantage over the battlefield. However, as play testing has proven, the Demon Faction is just too slow for the UCG the way it was. The faction lacked early game competence and the late game cards just took too much effort to make worthwhile. As I play tested them I just wanted to splice the good demon cards with other Factions. You will notice a trend with this errata article that the Demon Faction has had the most changes and overall received buffs to many of their cards.


This Article is for an older version of the game and is here for archival purposes! Please be sure to check the Card Gallery for up to date card rulings!

Cards Being Crafted

30%The Commit Sins: The Commit Sin cards are some of the fundamental cards in the Universal Card Game. We have currently commissioned the artist Henri dela Cruz to draw each “sin” card a panoramic picture that when placed next to the other sin cards will form one giant picture! This will be really neat once we have them done, as the sin in the world is entwined with our everyday life. It would be very flavorful to have the sin cards interlace to make one giant picture.


0% The Darkness Status Effects: In the Universal Card Game there are the three Inquisitors of the Inquisition. Did you know each of them has a name? That is right! Arcanist of the Inquisition has the name of Cass Havana, Templar of the Inquisition has the name of Khane Avanarus, and the Warlord of the Inquisition has the name of Ross Undersong. These character each wield a cursed weapon given to them by the Architect of the Flesh. We want to show the fall of these proud warriors with the “darkness” status effect cards that deal with the removal of various characters of specific designators. Similar to the “sin” cards, these cards will form one collaborative picture.


5% Tinkerer Ayaka Lizzy: Ayaka is one of the most powerful character cards currently in the Universal Card Game. Her artwork, while extremely good, is from the source material from which is was created for. This picture is not the best for a very powerful character card. We hope to commission the artist Val Hochberg that actually drew Ayaka on Riptor, Sharvan Elite to draw a unique artwork specifically for Ayaka’s character card. We have to wait until the beginning of June, but once we hear back we will keep you posted!