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Jeff's Erratas - UCG 1.3 Volume Six

14. 09. 28
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Soul of the Draw

This Pitfall Effect Card actually had several things wrong with it. To begin with, it was worded where you did not have to wait for the bide ability to fully tick. It just read chunk soul of the draw and draws three cards. Nowhere does it say that you needed to wait for it to tick the two turns needed for it’s Bide ability. That brings us to the second problem with this card: it is notoriously cheap even if you had waited two turns before like the intended wording. That means you get to practically draw nine cards on the third turn assuming you played three of these things first turn. Does this not sound broken as hell? If you said yes, then you are a very astute member of this web site. This amount of pacing in any game, no matter what, is unacceptable and too powerful. This has received two changes, the first being that the Bide cost has been increased from two to four. This allows the card to have a considerable delay before its draw ability can be used. The second change on the card was it changed actual card types as its Bide ability activates like several of the other Pitfall Effects like itself. After the card changes type this is where it gains it ability and also most importantly allows you to free up the effect zone that the pitfall was initially located.


So it has appeared for many of us on the team that the Dude Faction is based off of money generation. There are several cards that activate to generate on average about one to two money for you to use on your card plays. Now remember what I said everyone about how generating money works, you must pay the full cost of the current card you are playing before you can play another card from your hand. The UCG also has no resource pool and the term wallet is used as a reference that this is the repository of the resources generated by card you play in order to meet the full play cost of the card you are playing. DioDao was a card from the old LVP classic that used to be very powerful, he was the old Amber W00t card that allowed itself at the cost of money resources to leave play and then come back into play. Unfortunately for this card, the UCG is about three times faster than the old LVP classic card game and this card is now too slow to matter even with its formerly powerful ability. Also did I mention that damage is done instantaneously in UCG? So this ability really was pointless as the only time it really made sense to use it was in response to a card or ability that would target it. I have been thinking for some time on this one and I realized we did not have a really cheap card that would generate money resources. Now keep in mind that in LVP classic we made the mistake of making a one to play one power character that could activate for money and it was amazingly broken. You literally could play all four of them if they were in your opening hand it was insane! This new version of DioDao is a one to play one power character that activates to generate money; HOWEVER, it is also arrogant. This drawback eliminates the previous problem discussed and we also gave the card the ability to give attacking characters you control +1 power until end of turn. What the hell is a legend in this game anyways? Change, this card is now a Dude.

Commit Sin - Envy

We wanted to experiment with the concept on the original version of this card, however this card was crazy good. It made attacking be a chore because at any time the player had one of these out they could just tank one of your characters and you would be hosed out of two characters. Also, in other games, cards that cost one for an ability in other games either has some sort or drawback or a cost much greater than one. We wanted to keep the Commit Sin line of cards all at the cost of one and this meant the card needed an ability that would be fair at this money amount. We decided to go about changing the theme of this card, now utilizing the ability of one our playtest cards on a stick. Eaten By Whitey became the chose card. While the card is not such a huge surprise to the attacking player anymore it can still lead to some interesting hijinks.

Student Supporters

It is quite common for burn decks to run out of steam beyond the opening hand. Another problem in the UCG is you need to do an average of around 50 damage to defeat a player whereas in other games the total is usually much less. This card's original version was an interesting idea to where it makes characters with Arrogant no longer Arrogant. This would be really good if a lot of characters were Arrogant, however, not a lot of non-covert rare characters are Arrogant anymore. Also, the mere fact that its ability only applies to such a small supply of character cards further adds to the old version's mundane ability. The new version of this card allows you to pay one money if this character is in your trashcan to allow it to return to play. We also gave the card the Agility and [4/\/\p3r keywords. The burn aspect of the Dude Faction has been recently added to the game and some new cards to fuel this deck type will be aided by this card's utility.

Dryad of the Woods

The Dryad of the Woods is a card that I actually changed on the last batch of erratas, but I ended up changing my mind before confirming the errata. The plan was to make the card covert, but the card was absolute garbage when you could play only one. To further add insult to injury, this card was one of the primary sources of momentum for the girl deck and by stifling it, I made the girl tribe immediately low tier. You see card games are fragile things; it all comes down to the developer to make deck types plausible for a player to choose over the others in the game. In Starcat's case, it is borderline wasteful to pay for artwork then then throw it on something completely useless. It is a matter of developing the foundation of a deck type and then leaving a variety of tools for the players afterwards. These tools lead to the deck variants that you end up seeing at competition. From here you can start up the win/loss rate of a deck and from there determine the tier for that particular batch of cards. The new version of the Dryad is nerfed, however we did our best to keep the spirit of the ability it had attached to it. Also to avoid the overflow of search from the card I had to take away the first ability's leave play trigger as the way it was either gave two money for three or two combo components. The card was also at the stable stability and was much more powerful than several of the lords in the game and thus needed to be toned down. On sheets 26-28 I added several pieces of the girl deck early game to make up for the removal of dryad as a significant center piece of the deck.

Big Fat Wallet

This card is one of the first batch of erratas I made on the game and overall the change I made was very good. The card is powerful, but compared to other cheap options in the Insaine tribe, this card with the cost of two was just too hefty. The biggest thing was this card needs a significant amount of money in order to gain a real advantage over your opponent. Also, you will need to be at more health than the other player to avoid being defeated yourself. In several games I notice that they made smaller cards that get bigger from playing cards similar to it and these cards often suffer the same issues we are having with big fat wallet. These cards are just too slow to gain momentum and often times take way too long to become a real threat. To help fix this issue this card now costs one and this will hopefully allow it to gain the power it needs to become a hard hitter quickly especially that it is one of the first turn cards you can play with the Insaine tribe. There were not a lot of cards in the game that cost one, and this card will hopefully improve the pacing of the Insaine deck to keep it as one of the more powerful factions in the game.

Chad BOZ

I am going to admit it right now; I really like the change we made to this one. Earlier I mentioned cards with abilities that you would activate assuming damage did not happen immediately during the combat phase. Well in UCG abilities that deal with damage other than the revive ability are not valid actions. You see in the UCG you can only activate abilities at the following times: when a player declares an attack and when a player declares blockers. Nowhere else except for the revive ability can a card's activation cost be used. Thus abilities such as the one that the old version of Chad Boz had are no longer valid or even useful moves in the game anymore. I happen to be a bit more long winded on certain things such asthe rules for this game for it seems I am the only source of such material at this time. The Insaine tribe is a set of characters that focuses on aggression. A majority of their cards are cheap and a lot of their heavy hitters have alternate play costs. This card is interesting for instance it is a larger Insaine card for only four; a majority of your other options at this price are mainly two power. This card is also interesting for unlike many Insaine cards, this one is good late game. This card now allows you to make clones of it instead of playing the original Insaine. I take that back, the original Insaine comes into play and yes, it does trigger the abilities for Lord of Viper and Samson Black.


Jeff's Erratas Volume #6

Originally published on January 16th, 2012. I want to start this and make a huge mention to the basic reason why one of the factions had such sweeping changes. The Demon Faction is one of the more advanced and interesting groups within the UCG. They utilize and exploit +1 Power counters for their advantage over the battlefield. However, as play testing has proven, the Demon Faction is just too slow for the UCG the way it was. The faction lacked early game competence and the late game cards just took too much effort to make worthwhile. As I play tested them I just wanted to splice the good demon cards with other Factions. You will notice a trend with this errata article that the Demon Faction has had the most changes and overall received buffs to many of their cards.


This Article is for an older version of the game and is here for archival purposes! Please be sure to check the Card Gallery for up to date card rulings!


Cards Being Crafted

30%The Commit Sins: The Commit Sin cards are some of the fundamental cards in the Universal Card Game. We have currently commissioned the artist Henri dela Cruz to draw each “sin” card a panoramic picture that when placed next to the other sin cards will form one giant picture! This will be really neat once we have them done, as the sin in the world is entwined with our everyday life. It would be very flavorful to have the sin cards interlace to make one giant picture.


0% The Darkness Status Effects: In the Universal Card Game there are the three Inquisitors of the Inquisition. Did you know each of them has a name? That is right! Arcanist of the Inquisition has the name of Cass Havana, Templar of the Inquisition has the name of Khane Avanarus, and the Warlord of the Inquisition has the name of Ross Undersong. These character each wield a cursed weapon given to them by the Architect of the Flesh. We want to show the fall of these proud warriors with the “darkness” status effect cards that deal with the removal of various characters of specific designators. Similar to the “sin” cards, these cards will form one collaborative picture.


5% Tinkerer Ayaka Lizzy: Ayaka is one of the most powerful character cards currently in the Universal Card Game. Her artwork, while extremely good, is from the source material from which is was created for. This picture is not the best for a very powerful character card. We hope to commission the artist Val Hochberg that actually drew Ayaka on Riptor, Sharvan Elite to draw a unique artwork specifically for Ayaka’s character card. We have to wait until the beginning of June, but once we hear back we will keep you posted!