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The Planes

Everything hung there in a sea of white that went on forever, not white but nothing… If you stare off into the infinite that surrounded it, you'd lose every sense you needed to maintain you're orientation. Your body felt like it could drift apart at a whisper… Best then to keep your eyes on the creation; on reality.

On the outside it appears to have no discernable shape, amorphous and ever changing, this is where the creator's dwell, and where the Void funnels cosmic energy. Phryst, or the Creator's Plane, was where reality began, and without it, where it would end. Here are the laws that bind reality into a cohesive form were forged, along with the entirety of creation.

Within that cloudy miasma is a shell, one that forms a perfect expanding and contracting sphere around reality. This shell is impenetrable, however it like all planes but Phrsyt, is linked to the Void. Here on Haven is where the Gods walk, peering through the depths of reality pushing and pulling the cosmic balance in order to achieve a greater order. Though they come into conflict with one another, this is a conflict by design. If one cannot understand conflicts purpose on even the lowest plane, then these will also lack meaning. Gods here are born randomly following the formula set for by not the first, but the last God formed by a Creators hand: Corinos the God of Time.

As we peer through the Shell of Reality, we can see its content: Conflict. Conflict seeks to balance itself through resolution. Smaller spheres, less rigid than their shell, can be seen forming and collapsing, each attempting to reach resolution by permutation of The Creator's Theory: Sin, Virtue, Order and Chaos were born as one; Therefore in their implementation they must reach balance. This has gone on ceaselessly and it would appear that it will continue to indefinitely.

Last and most crucial of all is the Void. The Void is as much a consciousness as it is a Plane. It seeks out matter that has become inoperable as it was designed and breaks it down. There is only so much cosmic energy in Reality, and as such it cannot be allowed to die. This goes for all things that are created, up to and including Gods and Planes of Existence. Without the Void, Creators would be unable to reattempt Balance, and all would be lost to Discord.

These are the fundamental part that make up Reality as the Creator's envisioned. The Problem is… It's broken…

Unknown, Unknown Tome found within a ruin of Negagoth