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The Creators

Not one thing that exists is without a creator. So it is with this world. Who created the land on which we walk? Why did they? It's hard to know from within the Sector City. WE wouldn't know that everything had a creator if it wasn't emblazoned on the building which the Agency claimed at the city center. Many have pondered the meaning. We remember so little.

Recovered texts speak of Creators, beings able to fold cosmic energies into anything and everything we see. But is it true? How could we possible know for sure. Are these scripts the ravings of afflicted minds? Or is there truth to what they say? Even if there were what would it change? They aren't here. They won't save us from each other, or that which lies beyond the dome.

One thing is for certain. We are here; and if the walls of our city center are to be believed, we aren't without a creator.

Gregory Jones, Sector City Security Chief