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15. 01. 10
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The Story of Starcat Products

Hello everyone, this is Jeff Crain the Chief Project Coordinator here with Starcat Products. I wanted to talk about our little group, how we were formed, and most importantly start showing you some of the great work we used to do on notebook paper and MSPaint. I want to say I started this little group when I was about 8 years old and the name has always stuck although back in that day we used to called it Noodles the Star Cat Products. We had the abbreviation of N.T.S.C.P. and a friend of ours named Casey always used to call us Nerds that Specialize Creating Proxies. It's a long story and don't worry we will tell it in full, so I hope you are ready for a long read.

The Noodle Battle Era

The design group started off on a faithful day at my great grandmother's house in Bastrop, Texas. My great grandmother like myself was a creative thinker and artist herself. She was in her late sixties back then and her specialty was painting. She always used to ask me what I wanted to do with my life when I grew up. I thought long and hard and I decided I wanted to be a cartoonist. I always used to enjoy reading the Sunday comics and super heroes, with me being a young boy, found them especially cool. That was the day she gave me the horribly old and faded paper stacks that I crafted my first comics from. They were horrible. The stories were pretty much idiotic adventures an eight year old could think to have with his cat. I may post them here on the vault to share one day.

Noodles the Starcat Products began in 1996, named after Jeff’s cat. The first projects made were Noodles the Star Cat (Comic) and Noodle Battle. It all started in boy scouts where Brian, Justin, and Jeff were playing Magic the Gathering. The scout masters saw them playing and forbade the game be played while at scouting events. In rebellion, Jeff created his own deck of Magic the Gathering cards using a ball point pen, a pad of paper, and the support of his two friends. What spawned was a game that lasted throughout middle school that has several expansion sets and even went up to 4th edition. This was only a start of what was yet to come.

The Noodles The Star Cat Card Game Era

As the team got older, newer projects emerged. With the creation of the second comic series, Fantastic Battles, starring Jeff and all his friends as super heroes fighting off the evil Brian of Brian Force. The second card game was made to expand the story of this comic series. This game was known as Noodles the Star Cat card game and was the predecessor of the fan favorite in town, Losers Versus Preps. The two games were virtually identical except that the Noodles the Star Cat card game focuses on the events of the Fantastic Battles comic series. There are future plans to list these games for you viewing pleasure in the Product Vault section of the website.

The Fantastic Battles was the beginning of a certain blonde haired female lead appearing within all of the Starcat games and comics. Mina was one of the first fully developed female characters in any of the stories that stuck within the universe. She, along with many of the team members often gets several powerful card forms in the games, and almost always is a love interest for the main character. Noodles the Starcat Card Game followed the story of the classic Fantastic Battle comic quite well and expanded even where the comic left off into the dark corrupted future of its agency filled world. Much of the story arcs were greatly improved from Fantastic Battles with the advent of our Last Violent Prophecy computer game.

The Losers Versus Preps Era

During the high school era of the Noodles the Starcat Products game design group a new comic series was born called Losers Versus Preps. This story involved two rival groups that vowed for control of the town of Warner Vegas. Based on the prior mentioned Losers Versus Preps card game was a digital upgrade to the current Noodles the Star Cat card game system. Loser Versus Preps was the longest running game that Starcat Products has created and still lives on in the Universal Card Game today.

This period of the Noodles the Star Cat Products team had to be our most controversial. Starcat has taken a stand that all of our games should be of the 13+ age group. The Losers Versus Preps comic was defiantly NOT of this age group. This comic had several inappropriate situations that just undermine the overall charm of the comic as a whole. A real shame too, as the comic really did have some overall funny moments in it and did do well to explain the plot of the Losers Versus Preps card game. Plans to put this comic online have been discussed. However, until we make the necessary edits to follow through on our stand, the work will not be shared.

Losers versus Preps, also known as LvP Classic here on the website, is the game that we were well known for crafting back during our high school years. The game had the largest amount of expansion sets next to Noodle Battle. However, almost all of the LvP Classic cards were well archived with soft copies of each. They even survived a hard drive crash of my pc. Only two of the sets were lost and with the help of my little brother, we were able to get all the cards scanned and onto the website. Almost all the future projects that Starcat makes are all based on characters that were developed in the Losers Versus Preps universe. It is definitely a cherished piece of our past as with all of these games, but this one has the most significance.